I. Background and OverviewThe Project “Improving the Competitiveness of Family Businesses through Corporate Governance” seeks to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of family-controlled small and medium sized enterprises in Jamaica. The Project aims to incorporate corporate governance (CG) and other managerial practices in selected family-controlled small and medium-sized enterprises in Jamaica, through training, technical assistance and dissemination of case studies and other documentation.
In this component, Local Technical Assistance Consultants will deliver consulting services for the implementation of corporate governance systems (including strategic planning, human resource management, financial management and financing growth, family councils and/or boards of directors) to address the challenges posed by external management and resources. Depending on the satisfactory performance of the Local Consultant in Component 3 and their knowledge about family business, it may be desirable to retain the services of the same consultant to implement Component 4 of the Project. 
Improved corporate governance will facilitate the FBs’ access to capital, including venture capital and private equity.  Numerous high net worth individuals are seeking investment opportunities, along with informal groups of business angels and emerging venture capitalists.  The Junior Stock Exchange presents yet another opportunity for FBs to garner equity investments.  This component will provide technical assistance to enhance the quality of FB prospectuses for investors, improving transparency and accounting and financial management systems. 
The expected outcome of this component is that ten (10) family businesses will have improved Corporate Governance Systems and strategic and operational plans for business expansion/diversification.  Five (5) of these FBs will be invited to participate in Component 4 which involves the creation of five (5) case studies to describe and disseminate project outcomes and lessons learned.
II. Objective of Training and Technical Assistance ConsultancyEach Local Technical Assistance Consultant will be responsible for working with up to 5 selected family businesses, either individually or in teams of two, to introduce formal corporate governance systems and develop strategic and operational plans for the businesses.  The outputs of the consultancy should improve transparency in order to enhance the attractiveness of the businesses for external investors.
III. Consulting Services1. Develop the methodology for the provision of technical assistance interventions to selected family businesses, comprising inter alia:a. the framework of analysis and programme designb. the framework for in-firm technical assistance sessionsc. the framework for routine as well as on-demand data collection and analysis and d. instrument(s) for collection of data from participating businesses;2. Provide targeted T/A services and advice and in collaboration with business owners, develop firm-appropriate 5-year strategic and operational plans;3. Provide regular briefings and interaction with the Project Manager and Project Steering Committee;4. Initiate and participate in strategic meetings and consultations with the EA and other key stakeholders;5. Participate in all appropriate meetings that may have an impact on the Project;6. Assist in the facilitation of strategic partnerships with local, regional and international bodies in the private and public sectors that can enhance the sustainability of family businesses;7. Work closely with the Project Manager in providing regular updates on the Project and to escalate issues for documentation in the Project Manager’s reports.
IV. Specific Outputs
1. The methodology for a programme to provide technical assistance interventions to select family businesses;2. Five (5) 5-year firm-appropriate strategic and operational plans for the selected family businesses;3. Reports on the progress of assigned major milestones in the project, specificallya. Interim Reports based on the completion of the strategic plan and revised project action plans with timelines based on completion of strategic plans agreed with client FBb. Final Report Project deliverables as agreed in the project plan.4. Project deliverables as agreed in the Project Plan.
V.  Qualifications & Requirements
1. Doctoral or Masters Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Economics or similar disciplines;2. At least 5 years working experience in the field of business management, specifically in the governance and management of family businesses;3. At least 5 years working experience in providing training and technical assistance to small and medium enterprises, with demonstrated successful results in areas related to this project;4. At least 5 years experience in data collection and analysis.5. More years experience than the minimum requirement as stated above will be an asset6. Excellent communication and interactive presentation skills7. Good computing skills (word processing, powerpoint and database/spreadsheet)
VI. Duration
The consulting services will be offered to FBs over the period January 17, 2011 to June 30, 2011.