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The goals and objectives of The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) are carried out, to a large extent, through the work of the Organisation’s Committees.

These Committees focus on key areas of national development which are critical to the development of the Jamaican private sector and to the successful survival of businesses in Jamaica.

The tools used to achieve the objectives of the Committees and hence those of the wider PSOJ, include advocacy, workshops, articles and training, to name a few. It is through its Committees that the PSOJ ensures that the presence and strong voice of the private sector are constantly maintained and heard throughout the Jamaican society.

The PSOJ Committees are as follows:

  1. Corporate Governance Committee (CGC)

The Corporate Governance Committee was established with a mission to become the key influencer in the delivery and adoption of corporate governance best business practices, by providing access to knowledge and learning resources for our members and leaders of business enterprises, so they can effectively compete in the global market.


Members of the committee:

Mrs. Makeba Bennett-Easy

Miss Greta Bogues – Chair

Mr. Christopher Bovell

Mr. Garth Kiddoe

Mrs. Suzanne Goldson

Mrs. Camille Facey

Mrs. Tracy Campbell

Mr. Robert Hamilton

Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest

Mr. Patrick McDonald                                               

Mr. David Hall

Mrs. Gina Phillipps Black

Mrs. Gail Moss-Solomon

Ms. Barbara Alexander

Mr. Donovan Wignal

Miss Gabrielle Grant

Miss Simone M. Pearson

Miss Keri-Gaye Brown

Miss Anna Harry

Mr. Stephen Greig

Dr. Twila-Mae Logan

Miss Lorna Gooden


  1. Economic Policy Committee (EPC)

Members of the committee:

Mr. Dennis Cohen – Chairman

Mrs. Makeba Bennet-Easy

Dr. Adrian Stokes

Mr. Keith Collister

Mr. Jason Morris

Dr.  Andre Haughton

Mr. Jermaine Burrell

Prof. Densil Williams

Mr. Brian Denning

Mr. Christopher Barnes

Ms. Swee Chau

Ms. Sarah Cummings

Mr. Rezworth Burchenson

Mr. Devon Barrett

Mr. Gary Peart

Mr. Hugh Morris

Mr. Samuel Braithwaite

Mr. Christopher Johnson


  1. Energy, Environment and Climate Change Committee

PSOJ Energy, Environment and Climate Change Committee assesses the policy framework for energy and environmental management as it relates to the private sector, as well as establishing current practices at the firm level, with a view to developing action plans and recommendations for the way forward for the private and public sectors, seek to promote business opportunities in energy and environmental management for member organizations and contribute to the formulation of national, regional environmental and energy policies and legislative frameworks.

There is currently a lack of awareness of financing mechanisms which would allow businesses to improve energy efficiency, environmental impacts and climate resilience at reasonable costs. The Committee, as part of its mandate, undertakes awareness building of existing and available funds from local, regional and multilateral institutions which could be accessed by the private sector in this regard.

Members of the committee:

Makeba Bennett-Easy

Mrs. Eleanor Jones – Chair

Mr. William Mahfood

Ms. Ava Tombin

Mr. Nigel Davy

Mr. David Barrett

Mr. Steven Marston

Mr. Krishna Desai

Mr. John Carberry

Mr. David Pijuan Mota

Mr. Kwame Hall

Mr. Mauricio Pulido

Mr. Alain Carreau

Ms. Suzanne Shaw

Ms. Karoline Smith

Mr. Jason Burgher

Mr. Levar Smith

Mr. Masao Ashtine

Mr. Emanuel Darosa

Ms. Kamille Jackson

Mr. David Ducognon

 Mr. Christopher OKONMAH

Mr. Wayne Kirkpatrick


  1. Membership Committee

The committee comprises corporate leaders, personnel from financial regulatory bodies, accounting professionals, members of the legal fraternity and academia which afford the committee the expertise to address all aspects of corporate governance with confidence and efficiency.


Members of the committee:

Makeba Bennett-Easy

Christopher Reckord

Mauricio Pulidio

Kareen Cox

Donovan James

Mariame McIntosh-Robinson

Duane Lue-Fung  

Anika Jengelley

Yaneek Page


  1. National Security & Justice Committee

Crime, especially violent crime, presents a challenge to leadership at the level of the political administration, the criminal justice administration, and other key institutions such as the schools, as well as the community and civil society in general. A broad consensus based on unity of purpose, agreement on the values that should inform the responses of the state, the priorities, the funding of these priorities and the willingness to make the associated sacrifices is needed (and may even be a precondition for an effective and sustainable programme of action).”

The PSOJ is committed to playing its part in supporting the state, and more particularly, the security forces in addressing the crime problem which is a not only a threat to the business community, but to society as a whole.

Members of the committee:

Makeba Bennett-Easy

Mr. Howard Mitchell

Lt. Commander George Overton – Chair

Ms. Althea McBean

Mr. Ferris Ziadie

Mr. Peter John Thwaites

Colonel Mahatma Williams

Major General (Retired) Robert Neish

The Commissioner of Police

Mr. Michael Bernard

Capt. Paul Beswick

Mrs. Maria Love

Mrs. Michele Alexander – Lemmon

Mr. Steve Batchelor

Ms. Kalista Powell

Supt. Merrick Watson

Mr. David Silvera

Mrs. Sandra Glasgow

Mrs. Prudence Gentles

Mr. Mark Shields

DCP Selvin Hay


  1. Gender & Disability Affairs Committee

Mrs. Makeba Bennett-Easy

Mr. Howard Mitchell

Mrs. Renee Morrison-May

Ms. Deborah Newland

Mrs. Eleanor Jones

Ms. Ceclile Watson

Dr. Sandra Knight

Ms. Gloria Goffe

Mr. David Silvera

Her Excellency Laurie Peters

Her Excellency Malgorzata WASILEWSKA

Ms. Carla Newsam

Thalia Lyn

Dr. Rosemary Moodie


  1. Listed Companies Committee

Mrs. Makeba Bennett-Easy

Mr. Paul Hanworth – Chairman

Miss Greta Bogues

Mr. Denzil Whyte

Mr. Alok Jain

Mr. Vaughn Phang

Mr. Johann Heaven

Mr. Matthew Hogarth


How to Join:

You can leave a message using the contact form below or contact us via email at marketing@psoj.org

The Sam Mahfood Large Board Room at the PSOJ

Sam Mahfood board room
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