PSOJ MSME Corp Gov Code Final February 4 2016

In many countries the attention on global governance surged at the time of the international financial crisis in 1997.  Between 1996-1999, Jamaica experienced its own crisis with a colossal downfall of the Financial Sector, which raised concerns of reporting relationships and accountability of management and Directors to stakeholders.

In light of such concerns, the PSOJ established the Corporate Governance Committee with a mission to become the key influencer in the delivery and adoption of corporate governance best business practices by providing access to knowledge and learning resources for our members and leaders of business enterprises so they can effectively compete in the global market.

The strategic objectives are:

i)To develop and establish corporate governance guidelines that will facilitate implementation of best practices through a Code on Corporate Governance.

ii) To conduct director training programmes

iii) To promote awareness of corporate governance principles and the impact that well implemented principles can have on investor confidence.

iv) To provide continuing public education and awareness of corporate governance best practices.

v) To make corporate governance knowledge resources accessible to relevant stakeholder groups.

vi) To collaborate on a continuing basis with other associations and agencies locally and regionally on corporate governance issues.

vii) To influence and comment upon any corporate governance policy issues and assess their impact on the business environment.


The committee comprises corporate leaders, personnel from financial regulatory bodies, accounting professionals, members of the legal fraternity and academia which afford the committee the expertise to address all aspects of corporate governance with confidence and efficiency.



Mrs. Greta Bogues Chairman
Mr. Garth Kiddoe
Institute of Chartered Accountants
Mr. Christopher Bovell
Mr. Alastair MacBeath
Mrs. Camille Facey 
L. Howard Facey & Co.
Mrs. Suzanne Goldson
University of the West Indies, Faculty of Law
Mrs. Tracey Campbell
Mr. Donovan Wignal
 Mairtrans International Logistics Ltd
Mr. David Hall
Institute of Internal Auditors
Mr. Patrick McDonald
 Hart, Muirhead & Fatta
Mrs. Gina Phillips Black
 Myers, Fletchers & Gordon
 Ms. Rochelle Cameron
 CW Jamaica 
Mrs. Gail Moss-Solomon Digicel
Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest Jamaica Stock Exchange
Mr. Hugh Thompson  Small Business Association of Jamaica
Mr. Howard Haughton  Holistic Risk Solutions Limited
Mr. Robert Hamilton Financial Services Commission
Mr. Barbara Alexander
Senior Partner Myers Fletcher and Gordon Attorneys-at-Law

The quorum for all Committees is oone-third of the full membership plus one, in cases where is an even number.  In this case the quorum is five (5) members.


Procedures: Determined by itself


Frequency of meetings: The Committee shall meet on call of the Chairman, no less than nine (9) sessions for the calendar year.  At the Chairman’s discretion, the Committee may also conduct meetings via round robin or conference calls.


 List of sub-committees:  
  1. Awards Sub-Committee
  2. Code Revision Sub Committee
 Term of Office:                      The term of office is three years and is renewable.

Persons in Attendance:          As invited by the Chairman

 Secretariat:                           Office of the CEO