Where To Donate

In Jamaica:

Wire Transfer or Cheque

NCB      •  Duke Street Branch JMD   •  Checking – 061052429

JMMB  •  Haughton Branch USD      •  Savings  – 006000181484

Make cheques payable to: Council of Voluntary Social Services • ATTN: COVID-19 Response Fund

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NCB      •  Duke Street Branch JMD   •  Checking – 061281401



By Credit Card

Click here for the AFJ’s online donations platform. Use CHOOSE A CAUSE.


Make cheque payable to:

American Friends of Jamaica

Attn: COVID-19 Response Fund


By Credit Card

Click here for the AFJ’s online donations platform. Use CHOOSE A CAUSE.



Our Partners

*CVSS is an approved charitable organisation as under Section 2 and Section 17 of the Charities Act 2013 of Jamaica. 2D Camp Road, Kingston 4

The United Way of Jamaica is an autonomous non-profit Private Voluntary Organization registered with the Charities Authority in Jamaica and an affiliate of United Way worldwide.

**The AFJ is a United States registered 501© organization. 1697 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10019
Email  psojfund@psoj.org or info@cvssja.org for more information

$154 Million in Donations


Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Help us reach our J$250 Million target


Who are the main partners involved in the PSOJ COVID-19 Response Fund?

The PSOJ COVID-19 Response Fund is a collaboration between the PSOJ, CVSS, Joan Duncan Foundation, Sagicor Jamaica and American Friends of Jamaica.

How are the funds being allocated? What’s the criteria?

We hope to distribute aid to the individuals fighting this disease on the frontline and those residing in communities which are most impacted. As such, funds will be channeled through two key areas of need – Food security and Health services as well as a miscellaneous area to cover any unforeseen funding needs.

How will I know what my donation was used for?

The amount of donations received will be shown on the PSOJ and CVSS websites. All disbursements will be listed on the same websites. Once we have your email address, you will also receive regular e-announcements with updates on how funds are being spent.

Which individuals/entities are eligible to receive assistance from the PSOJ COVID-19 Response Fund?

All funds will be disbursed either through registered charities providing relief services OR as it relates to health sector goods, through direct procurement.

How can businesses and civil society/nonprofit organizations join the Fund’s aid distribution efforts?

We believe that actors across all sectors will be needed to effectively tackle this crisis and, as such, aim to create as integrated a response as possible through the formation of an aid allocation committee. If you are willing to take part in our aid efforts, please contact us at psojfund@psoj.org or info@cvssja.org.

PSOJ COVID-19 Jamaica Response Fund is a national response towards the mitigation of the effects of the pandemic on the population. All funds will be channeled under two key areas of need:   

·       Food security 

·       Health services